Personal Care

Elite Care realised we could remove this headache by helping people and their families to choose personal assistants themselves and then employing them on their behalf. In a nutshell – You choose and organise your ideal personal assistants and Elite Care employ them for you – allowing all the choice and control, but without the hassle! Elite Care will then help you arrange the details of your day-to-day support to suit your own routine. You decide who comes into your home and when – rather than it being decided for you. Personal assistants can be neighbors, friends, family members (in certain circumstances) or someone found through advertising and interview, which we will help you with. Where there’s a training requirement, Elite Care will work with you to arrange tailored training for your personal assistants that matches your specific needs. Elite Care also help people with money management, by setting up an individual service fund, again to take yet another hassle out of managing your care and support.

  • Assistance to get into/out of bed.
  • Assistance to wash/bath/shower.
  • Help to dress/undress.
  • Assistance with toileting.
  • Assisting with medication.
  • Applying creams or lotions.
  • Support with mobility.

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