Learning Disabilities

Learning DisabilitiesWhat is a learning disability?

It is important we establish what we mean when we say learning disability. From Kirklees Council’s perspective a learning disability includes the presence of:

  •   A significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information, to learn new skills (impaired intelligence).
  •   A reduced ability to cope independently (impaired social functioning) that started before adulthood, with a lasting effect on development.

Welcome to Elite Care’s Learning Disability Services for Adults and Children.  At Elite Care we believe in empowering individuals to make decisions about their care/support and to live as much of an independent life as possible.  Our aim is to be able to help and to make a difference in the individual’s life and to be able to put a smile on their face when we bring that bit of happiness in their lives.  We work with client’s families and friends to tailor a package of support needs around our client to ensure their needs are being met. A frequent review of the support package enables us to monitor and ensure our client’s needs and agreed outcomes are being met.  The review also allows us to increase or decrease the hours of the support package if required outcomes are being/not being met.  Our aim is to enable our clients to live an independent life as possible. Our highly trained staff will provide basic life skills training to our clients and will help and support them in the activities they choose to do.  A list of our activities includes:

  • Cinema trips
  • Shopping Centres
  • Educational trips out
  • Swimming
  • Physical exercise
  • Going to religious places for worship
  • Going for walks and much more

Our needs led personalised services cater for a variety of needs for people with:

  • Physical or learning disabilities Profound multiple learning disability (PMLD)
  • Severe learning disability (SLD)
  • Moderate learning disability (MLD)
  • Severe to moderate learning disability with serious challenging behaviour
  • Learning Disabilities sever/complex needs
  • Learning Disabilities with physical disabilities
  • Learning Disabilities with  mental health needs
  • People with mental health support needs
  • Autism
  • Adults and children with substance misuse issues (drugs/alcohol)
  • Housing support needs
  • Domiciliary Care needs
  • Mobility Support needs
  • Personal Care needs
  • Other Health and Social Care needs

Elite Care provide 2-1 support as well as 1-1 support.

Elite Care will work in partnership with people who use services to create as wide a range of support choices as possible.  We aim to develop a thriving, strong and diverse care market that is flexible and responsive to everyone in Kirklees, not just those eligible for direct council support (i.e. those who are “Fair Access to Care Services” or FACS eligible), or those who the council supports financially. Elite Care have on offer services that are fair, of good quality, offer value for money, change according to people’s needs/wishes and promote wellbeing, independence and dignity.  We work towards personalised services that are designed around individual need.

Our aim for these services are to place an emphasis on prevention and early intervention, to help people remain independent and to reduce the demand on acute services; and promote health and wellbeing in their widest sense, helping people to have greater control of the services they need, and supporting them to have more responsibility for the management of their own conditions/situation. Elite Care work in partnerships with professionals to design and deliver public services in equal partnership, encouraging people who use services, people who provide services and people who commission services to work co-operatively to deliver the best outcomes and establish sustainable support systems.

We provide our full range of services to people who may be self-funding, funded through direct payments or personal budgets. We can discuss various options with referrers and individuals but in most cases an assessment of need may be required to be undertaken by Kirklees Social Care Services. Elite Care are flexible and can provide as much or as little care or support as is required.


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